From The Directors Desk

Ravi Kumar

Years ago, I had the desire to start an initiative that would give Indian youth the opportunity to gain international exposure. This led to the birth of Career4you, which is a joint venture with Jojo International in India. The launch of Career4you in Philippines has been a proud moment for me and my team. We receive requests from thousands of students, every year who want to intern abroad in search of better opportunities.

Our vision is simple - Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives. When I look back, even my journey began with Career4you. The next two-three years are going to be milestone years, where we see a quantum leap for the new venture.


We hope to be able to provide many exciting international, internship opportunities to young graduates in India and the Philippines through our platform. All these years, I’ve learnt and gained a lot from life. I am now confident that our Group is posed for major expansion and growth. Our dream is so universal, it cannot have any national boundaries.

The world is shrinking. Our corporate world is shrinking even more. The economies across the globe are rapidly shaping our world into a mega economy. In order to job-ready ourselves for this challenging global world order, we need more services of our kind. In this era of strategic alliances, joint ventures and unpredictable market conditions, cross-cultural capabilities are the perquisites for tomorrow’s global leaders. Career4you gives opportunities to students to acquire significant professional experience globally, while putting their theoretical knowledge to test at actual workplaces. Here’s wishing you peace, prosperity and progress.

Best wishes,
Ravi Kumar,


Ram Yadav

An inherent desire became a dream and finally into a reality.

I can never forget where it all began! The first door that was opened to me and became that pivotal opportunity to test the waters…. the rest, of course is history!

Many would say I was lucky I made a meteoric rise to a leadership position. A hotel management graduate, I passed out in 2005, moved to the US under the same J1 Internship programme, worked at Marriott Hotel for a few years and came back to India to launch Jojo International. I rose from an intern to be an entrepreneur. However, it is not the titles that matter or will remain dear to my memory.

What I really cherish is the journey, the people I met along the way, the friends I made, the languages and skills I picked, and most importantly, the service that I’ve founded to help other youth, who are ambitious and deserving! I travelled to the US with a backpack and a mission to fulfil my career ambitions. There were times when I felt lost and unsure of my future, but the internship opportunity built my confidence, polished my professional skills, fine-tuned my career direction, and shaped my passion into my profession.

Through my experiences, I have developed a broader perspective of the world and been inspired to help others explore the same world. Career4U is the crystallization of my efforts, dreams and ambitions to give the same opportunities and a launch pad to others, as I received during my time. Internships can be a gateway to a global workforce. A college degree is great, but nothing can beat real-world experience! I truly believe that the experience we provide at Career4U can be life transforming.

If you have big dreams, are enthusiastic to explore the world to realize those dreams; and are willing to climb out of your present comfort zone, we welcome you to Career4U.

Best wishes,
Ram Yadav,